Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sorry our blog has sat idle for so long. With the Holidays and days off work for hubby, we've been busy. Nolan thoroughly enjoyed his third Christmas and loved the family time even more. On Tim's first day back at work, Nolan asked about him numerous times and cried when he found out daddy wasn't home.

Nol now cheeses every time he sees me grab the camera. He takes my phone from me and holds it to his eye like he is taking pictures and says "cheese". Gone are the days of natural smiles in photographs!!

In the past few days, we've had an explosion of new words. Our non verbal little guy is learning fast. He's said a friend's name for the first time ever and went on to say the names of four good friends. We've added new colors to our vocabulary and lots of new animals.

My favorite new word is "Boob." Yep, I've been trying to wean Nolan and all I get is a pitiful little cry and his begging voice saying "boob mama, boob." Poor baby!! We've cut out his nursing sessions before nap and bed for the past two days and managed to go one entire night with no nursing too. Last night though was plain horrible and I ended up nursing him. I think I'm going to take it baby stapes at a time and allow him to nurse if he wakes in the night. That will still be a big change for a kiddo used to nursing before nap and bedtime too. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll be able to drop the nighttime nursing too but we'll see! I've either been pregnant or nursing for the past 3 years now!

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