Monday, June 25, 2012

Gluten Free Saga continues...

So back in December when Nolan's IGG results came back showing a high reaction/intolerance to gluten and wheat (pumpkin and parsley too) we started on the road to gluten free with him. It wasn't too difficult at first but as with anything and a two year old eventually there were tantrums and tears over not being able to have what his friends have. Our pediatrician had high hopes that once his gut continued to mature we'd be able to reintroduce these down the line. They suggested eliminating them for at least 90 days. Because 90 days flies by in the blink of an eye and our petite little man didn't suddenly become a bruiser, we continued gluten free for a full 6 months. Last week we decided to reintroduce gluten and see if we noticed a difference.

Nolan's issues aren't easily noticeable to the outside world. He doesn't swell or develop a rash. What exactly happens to him on the inside is a bit of a mystery too because he can't yet verbalize it to us. What we do know is this. After a few weeks off of gluten my picky, non eating little boy started eating full meals, drinking quantifiable amounts of food, sleeping through the night for the first time in his life, and having more regular stools. Last week with a day or two of the reintroduction of gluten, that all changed.

His first sandwich at a picnic in the park.
My usually happy go lucky little boy became a whiny miserable little terror. I know that's not my baby and he must not be feeling okay. We had gone months without him skipping a meal and in the last week he has skipped more than he has eaten. It started out well, he ate a whole sandwich at our picnic in the park but each day became progressively worse. Tim would get home from work just in time for the meltdowns and dinner time issues to begin.

Nolan is of course only two and any two year old can have a bad week so I didn't want to rush to judgement. After over a week of the issues getting worse and our baby not eating though, it's pretty clear we need to go back to gluten free and be determined to keep even small amounts from him. If large amounts have this sort of effect, even small amounts are doing some harm. So we'll be back to avoiding the bakery counters at every grocery store, shooing away anyone trying to feed him random things, and leaving playdates early when he just can't cope with the fact that he can't have exactly what someone else is eating. At least I'll have my happy little toddler back!!

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  1. Aww, poor guy! Hope he feels better soon as the gluten leaves his system again!