Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted but man has life been busy. We packed up our old house, moved into our new one, and managed to get our old house rented. Between packing, unpacking, decorating, getting the old house ready for tenancy, and regular life the weeks have flown by. I'm almost 30 weeks in my pregnancy now!! That means my appointments have officially gone to every other week. It's the small things that make you realize you're getting close.
That's the giant belly I had to maneuver around during the move. We are starting to settle into a routine and Nolan is in love with the new place. Living next to our best friends is also everything we hoped it would be! A second set of hands when you need some help, buddies to have a beer with on the patio Friday nights, and playmates for the kiddos.

More updates and pictures coming soon. For now we are off to JoAnn's Fabric. Home decor time so I can start to think about the nursery!

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