Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fresh Squeezed Party! (Infantino)

I can hardly believe it but it's been a whole 6 months since little Carter came in to the world but it has!! That means we've started to introduce solids. Lots of fun times as he gets his first tastes of everything.

As Nolan became a toddler, the pouch babyfood became popular. At the time only a few brands were available and organic sources were extremely expensive. After he moved on to mostly "real" foods, he still loved the pouches but my wallet did not! In fact, when we visited grandma C right before Carter was born, she stocked us up on some for Nolan to snack on. They are still a great way to get hidden veggies into him and perfect for car trips and packed lunches. I found an expensive but reusable option to try when Nolan was 2 but the mouth piece was very different and it was not at all the same. He rejected it right away. Nolan only liked the disposable packs!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my friend posted a picture of her using her new Infantino Fresh Squeeze Squeeze Station and I was immediately intrigued. It is a system that fills the disposable pouch packets so you can create your own homemade babyfood in them! The system also has a reusable squeeze pouch that fits with it. This looked so perfect that I immediately wanted one! Since it fills the normal disposable pouch packets I'm sure there would be no rejection like we had found with the expensive reusable silicone one I tried before. So, I registered with Infantino to win a Fresh Squeezed Test & Tell Feeding Party. I'm planning my fun party now hoping to be chosen!!

If chosen, along my playgroup Busy Moms and Tots of Jacksonville, I plan to have each mom attending bring a favorite food item encompassing grains, vegetable, and fruit. We'll prep (cook, steam, and puree) them all and have each individual item in their own little bowl. Each mom will make one fun pouch using their favorite combination and each pouch will have to contain at least one veggie! We'll all sample each pouch and vote on our favorite. The winners will get a fun feeding related prize!

The overall party decor theme and snack theme for adults will be based on the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. After all we are talking all about food and how our own little ones are transforming before our eyes into big kids who eat solids! You can check out my fun party board on Pinterest here.

Be sure to help me out in my quest to win the party pack by liking (and if you have a chance commenting) on my comment here. Thanks so much!!


  1. I just got this as a gift for Charlee off our registry!! :) I am super excited about it too! I didn't see any reusable pouches though...they say do not reuse bc there is no way to clean them properly. There is also a screw on spoon for the pouch for the really little kids first starting out. Let me know where you found the reusable pouch so I can look into it. :) hope you're well!!

    1. Here is the link to the reusable pouch that goes with the system.

      I have a Baeba brand silicone one too and then refillable Squeeze Snack Pak ones. The Baeba isn't very good as the nipple portion is wrong and most kids don't like it. The SSP are great but fill from the bottom and I would be afraid to pack them in a tote or anything. They haven't spilled yet but look like they could.

      I'll be blogging about the party pack soon!

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