Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squeeze Party!

Woo hoo I won! Thanks to all of your votes, I was chosen to host an Infantino Fresh Squeeze party. My supply pack arrived yesterday and is so exciting. I'm still in the planning stages but can't wait to explore what this feeding line has to offer. Carter is excited too!! Here are the products the new line features. 

My happy baby ready for new foods.

The squeeze station - loads purees into the disposable squeeze pouches.

Steam & Smush - BPA free and microwave safe steamer that makes prep work easy with a smashing tool too.

50 disposable squeeze pouches

Squeeze pouch spoons - attach directly to the pouches for those younger feeders
Reusable silicone pouch!

Peppy Puree - Purees the steamed items!

Love the spout on the reusable pouch. It's just like the disposable pouches so I know the kids will accept it and love it!
Only $9.99!

The Baeba reusable pouch we purchased when Nolan was on babyfood. The spout is very short and not at all like the disposable pouches so Nolan didn't like it. I wasted $25!

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