Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thank You!!

This is the first year Nolan has been able to help me with his Thank You cards after his birthday. As usual, I'm running late but they are finally all done. No I just need to get them to everyone! Each and every card has "Nolan" written in it by my little boy too. 

This is a big deal for us because up until a few months ago Nolan did not want to try and trace anything or hold a crayon/pencil correctly. He's now tracing like a pro and enjoying it. I try not to push him as with most things he'll master is quickly once he's ready. Now, we're working on writing and tracing!!

Look at the concentration!
We got his first progress report at school today and he is doing great in everything except "coloring between the lines" which could use some practice. It's such an adorable little report and it's going in the memory box!

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