Monday, February 15, 2016

Tula Love and where to get your own pretty carrier accessories!

So I've been asked a few times this year to help embellish baby carrier hoods and suck pads. It was fun but I hadn't done one for myself in a while so I couldn't resist turning this Tula, Treasure Hunt print, into my own!!

The rest of this blog post will show some other accessories I've created. If you're looking to have your carrier accessorized, check out my friend at Ghently Made Creations and all she can create! You might even get a "digitized by me" embroidery design on your accessory!!

A few years back I accessorized my Tula, toddler Rockets, shortly before churning it. 

Added suck pads to my Kinderpack carrier.

My handmade hood and reach straps with embroidery fully digitized and stitched by me. Now I need to finish the carrier to go with it for our own little Green Arrow, Oliver Q. 

A Tula hood I accessorized for a friend.

As mentioned up top here are some great collections from Ghently Made Creations. I digitized (made the embroidery file) for these two but Christina created (stitched the hoods themselves and then embellished and embroidered the designs) them all!! Be sure to visit her page!!

Wear all the babies!!! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram so you can see our baby wearing in action pics daily!

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