Monday, April 4, 2011

Berry Fun!

Nolan and I headed out of Jacksonville today and into farm country for some berry picking. Here in Florida strawberry season is at an end. We were the only people at the u-pick farm and when we called ahead they were worried it might be too late. Luckily the berries were still sweet!!

Today was mid-80's and slightly breezy which turned out to be fabulous berry picking weather. After we arrived in the field, I sat Nolan down in the row I was going to pick in, grabbed my water bottle, and found a nice berry. As I was washing it off to hand to him, I turned back and in those few seconds he had found himself two berries and gone to town eating them. Throughout the picking time he ate a minimum of ten whole large strawberries! That's a lot for any baby but for my tiny toddler that's a huge amount of food!!

Needless to say a bath was in order as soon as we got home!! The berries are all cleaned and prepped and a no-bake pie is setting in the fridge. YUM!!

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