Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shopping Trip 4/20

Nolan and I headed out bright and early this morning after I spent the evening preparing coupons and putting together my shopping list. Overall it was a great trip with lots of savings!! We've been buying produce at the local Art's Market and last week i had coupons which got me $8 in free produce! That meant we have a pretty good supply on hand right now and didn't need much fresh this week. I also buy most of my meat when it's on sale and freeze so no meat purchase either.

This weeks grand total came to $31.28!!
My haul included:
   8 large cans of tomatoes
   2 bottles of ketchup
   4 jars of Bertolli pasta sauce
   4 jars of tiny dill pickles
   2 ears of corn
   4 sweet potatoes
   1 - 4pk of butter
   1 bottle of strawberry jelly
   2 boxes of Ritz Crackerfuls
   1 pack of American cheese
   1 pack of Bratwurst
   2 packages of lunchmeat (turkey/chicken)
   2 -25pk of Dishwasher Detergent (Finish Quantum)
   1 Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
   1 small hand sanitizer
   1 bottle of coca butter lotion

I used $28.97 in coupons and saved $35.67 due to sale prices. Since I wouldn't have bought a lot of these specific brands without sales I tend to discount that and mark savings as ~$30 on a ~$30 purchase!!

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