Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day at the beach

Nolan hadn't yet experienced the beach as a walking...who am I kidding running... toddler! Today was his first chance to play with his friends and see the beach again.

He started off the day a little scared. I tried to have him walk the dunes out to the beach but the combination of sand, new flip flops, and mom who was helping to carry a baby stroller out was too much. I ended up having to carry him. After his initial reaction he was in love with the sand. He sat playing and digging for what seemed like an hour all by himself.

We ventured towards the water but he was not very brave. Of course it didn't help that the first time I had him stand on the edge of the surf he fell to his butt when a tiny wave came in. After landing on his bottom he went ahead and made the fall complete by lying all the way back. The water was only an inch deep but it was enough to scare him away form it for the day. Besides who wants to play in cold salty water when there is a huge fun sandbox all around!
Chasing and watching birds was also a lot of fun!
Thanks to our friend Cindy for this pic.
 All in all it was a fun day. Nolan's sun protective clothing and sunscreen kept him nice and pale but mom's sunscreen somehow didn't do the trick!

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