Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Car Seats!!

I want to start this post off by saying No I don't think I'm the perfect mom or my way is the only way but when it comes to properly fastening your child in their carseat there is only one correct way!

I cringe almost every time I see a picture of a child in their carseat posted to my Facebook feed. Then I have a ten minute internal debate about whether or not I should say something and usually wind up being quiet but wishing I hadn't. Of course a few of you do post awesome pics of your kiddos properly in their seats which makes me smile. To the others, here's what I would say!!

The chest clip on your baby's harness should not be down below their ribs! It should be fastened at armpit level. Yes, this keeps them from leaning forward but that is the point. The entire harness should be snug. Between the shoulder and strap you should only be able to fit one finger. It should be hugging your child at all times not waiting for them to fling into it if you suddenly get in a wreck.

I admit I've made mistakes fastening Nolan in too. I've even drove a few miles without realizing I was distracted while loading the car after a long day at Sea World and forgot to clip his bottom part of the harness in! I have to remind myself to stop whatever I'm doing when I fasten him in and make sure his harness is snug, no straps are rolled or bunched, and chest clip is back in place where it should be at armpit level.Read that carseat manual or look at a few safety sites online! It's your child's life at stake after all.


  1. I always have the same debate about whether or not I should comment when I see that someone hasn't properly placed the chest clip!

  2. I'm not sure if you are talking about the video I posted today, or someone elses picture lol. But I always put it up to her armpit levels and she pulls it down, for some reason the clip is so easily moved. I actually emailed the company about it to see if I could get a replacement piece or if it was normal for it to be so easily moved. Usually I can convince Aubrey to put it up "near her chin" (which ends up being at her armpits) and keep it there. Anyways I do think if you see someone doing it wrong it doesn't hurt to mention it! :)

  3. It totally wasn't you Melissa!! Actually it happened about a week ago the last time and I waited to post just so whomever it was wouldn't see not that I think they even know my blog address to read this. I'm pretty sure they don't actually!

    Nolan's clip moves down too but not easily. It moves when I unbuckle him and then I can pull it back up every time I put him in. It stays while driving luckily and is hard to move. I hope they send you a replacement part. They should!! I had to order new styrofoam piece behind the headrest. Nolan snapped it in half while I was washing the cover. 30 dollar piece of styrofoam!!

  4. Yikes that's pricey. I don't know why mine is so easy to move but I have pulled over so many times to re-adjust when she wouldn't listen to me about putting it back (talk about a pain). I hope they can send me a replacement or I can buy one somewhere. It stresses me out so much. I have even considered getting a different carseat, but I don't think Greg would go for it. :/