Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training season

It's about that time. Potty themed books have been purchased, tiny whitey tighties are in abundance and a new toilet seat adorns our second bathroom. I'm hoping that the fact that I have to take in each of Nolan's little underwear so they don't fall straight off isn't a sign that we should be potty training yet!

We're not yet in full potty training mode mainly because I just don't have a few days in a row without plans that we can stay home and really concentrate. Instead, I'm still working on putting him on the potty every time we're home and hoping to catch him a few times to I've him the general idea. Right now he just thinks it's fun to sit up there and make crazy noises!

Here's a list of our favorite potty related products so far! We haven't ventured out in the world to try pottying yet so these are just our at home likes.

Little Looster Booster
This awesome step stool and footrest is perfect for little ones looking for security on the toilet. Not only does it let them step up to the toilet themselves, it also gives them a place to keep their feet. This helps them feel secure and hopefully sit longer on the toilet which is our main goal at the moment.  It made an immediate difference for Nolan. he was more secure, stable, and more comfortable. The stool wraps around the toilet so it's safe and doesn't lead them to fall off. It's also compact enough that adults can use the toilet while the stool remains in place, a must for us as Nolan's bathroom is also our guest bathroom. The inventor and designer of this product is a mom from just south of us. I met her this week when I picked up a bunch of stools myself and the moms in my group ordered. I love supporting innovative mom-trepreneurs! We were lucky enough to be able to utilize a coupon code and got the stool for a great price.

Bemis all-in-one toilet seat
This toilet seat is such a unique and necessary tool. I've tried the floor potty seats, too messy, and a snap in seat that fits over the normal toilet seat, too much hassle. Once we found this seat though, we were excited. It allows the toilet to be in use by adults and toddlers without removing equipment. The toddler portion is built right in and is held to the lid by a magnet. When you need it you just simply pull it down. It seems like such a no-brainer but I've only seen it carried in one store (Home Depot).

July Update: After our move, our new toilets were round shaped and our favorite seat no longer fit. Home depot did not have any round ones either. We did however find one on and low and behold it was available in store near us for only 29 dollars. It works much the same but is slightly different. We like it too!


  1. That is so neat! Is the coupon code still good? I know it's early but I will want one of these so I would totally buy this now....

    1. It was only good through the 15th. I know she does codes every so often so if I see it I'll let you know. It might be worthwhile to email asking too. I got the code from Saving the Family Money blog so you could ask if she's still accept it.