Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games

Tim and I got to see the movie yesterday!! I can't remember the last time we saw any movie on opening weekend and it's been a long time since we even saw one in the theater. Thanks to our awesome family friend who kept Nolan we had a great time and nice gluten full lunch afterwards too.

Overall, I really liked the movie but... I still hope everyone who wants to see it reads the books first. I felt having read the books made the movie so much better. The first few minutes gave me a headache and made me feel out of place instead of being immersed in the story. The camera work is shaky and zoomed strangely. Luckily it calmed down a bit but I still wish they had zoomed back a bit and given us wider angle views of everything.

I was also a bit disappointed in the citizens from the Capitol. They didn't seem quite as superficial as they are in the books nor did they seem as eccentric. Everyone was dolled up with makeup and such but the surgical enhancements the books talk about were lacking. I think seeing the citizens there who have so much time that they modify their bodies really brings a stark contrast to those dying in the streets of hunger in other districts. Overall, Tim agreed too that the entire mood of the movie both in the arena and out didn't seem quite as desperate.

The critique above doesn't mean it wasn't a great movie. It's one I'll totally buy on disc and I hope they continue to make the entire trilogy. If you haven't read the books yet, drop whatever else you're doing like surfing the web and read them!!

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