Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lil Peanut

Carter had his 15mo checkup yesterday. He made it to 18#4oz if you take the highest weight shown on the scale as he bounced around. Yep, we'll cheat and take those few extra ounces!! He's almost 30" long now too. We're going to explore food allergies a bit more thanks to diarrhea, upset tummy, and a few other signs. I'm pretty sure he's not tolerating cow's milk and thus have been keeping him off of it but wasn't sure if it was a true food allergy or if he was okay with small amounts of dairy like yogurt or cheese. The tests should helpfully tell us that.

C is in a very clingy phase which is kind of cute. He's easily overwhelmed in big groups. Brother takes off running and playing and little guy hangs by mom. Here I am wearing him at a birthday party. the awesome bounce houses and trampolines were a bit too much. Eventually he got brave enough to try it out once though!! Check out his moves here. While you're there be sure to follow us on YouTube so you can see any new videos I post!!

Nolan didn't want his dancing to be forgotten so here is his take on break dancing.... in slow motion. The iPhones new slow motion video option is pretty hilarious when you video tape kids!

Carter hangs out with me at the local grade school twice a week while Nolan goes to speech therapy. It's not the most exciting adventure but he has fun. Today he practiced with his first backpack. He was so excited to wear it and was all giggly.

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