Friday, January 31, 2014

Detective N

Inspired by the fun of Disney Jr.'s Doc McStuffins, Nolan has been asking to play detective Nolan recently. A few weeks ago he excitedly told me, "Mommy I know what I can be when I grow up... a detective!" He got a little worried and said, "but first I need a magnifying glass to solve mysteries." Everything he does he relates to a mystery. The mystery of the lost shoes, the mystery of the hungry boy, and more he keeps exclaiming. It's pretty cute.

Today, after days indoors due to sickness, we went all out. I found Nolan's magnifying glass and sewed him a special lanyard so it wouldn't fall and break. We got him his own notebook to record his mysteries in and went to town. I drew him clues for a few things to solve then he did the same for me. It was pretty cute and he didn't want to stop.

The clues he drew and explained for me.
...and the prize at the end of the mystery he made himself!

After our fun he begged for a detective hat. We ended up at goodwill and found two. More pics of those to follow soon!!

Big boy Carter felt left out so he asked to color like we were doing.

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