Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sarah's Slings and Things

I recently met a great mom on a crafting Facebook group. She makes ring slings and has a Facebook page called Sarah's Slings & Things. Go check it out!! You can check out all of her goodies listed on her etsy shop here. Sarah even takes custom orders for amazing bedding sets for infants. If you've got a nursery theme in mind I'm sure she can help you out. In addition to her custom slots, she has in stock items such as ring slings, breastfeeding covers, hooded towels, and nursing pillow covers.

A few months ago, I won a ring sling in an online giveaway. I was excited to use it and was hoping ot post here about my awesome win but once it arrived I was a bit worried. While the rings themselves were good (from as recommended), the stitching holding the entire thing together was not adequate. I posted to my babywearing friends and everyone agreed it was safe as it was made. I as advised not to use it. There was only one set of single stitching that would be doing all the weight bearing. This left me a little scared to try a handmade ring sling but when I visited Sarah's page I knew I'd be happy and Carter would be safe.

Sarah's slings are CPSIA compliant and each one comes with a product registration card so you can register your sling and rest assured should any sort of recall happen, you'll be notified. Her stitching holding the fabric to the slings is high quality and safe. There is a box and X pattern stitching leading to a secure hold. The padded shoulder is comfortable and the added on pocket is perfect for carrying your phone or keys! Sarah's packaging is cute and extremely professional! She offers a wide array of fabric choices and the best thing is she custom dyes wraps for a one of a kind and beautiful look. You'll have to check out her Facebook page to see her new handmade batik style dye technique.

I have an ice dyed ringsling from Sarah to test out and it's amazing. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. Enough adjectives... here are a few pictures to check it out.

Yep even our 4 year old loves it. Nolan has become a huge fan of being worn since Carter came along. He asks for me to wrap him or bring our wraps along all the time. He got to check out the new sling before Carter did.  Stay tuned for further posts on Sarah's cool products. Her easy to use and discreet nursing cover is up next! In the meantime go check out her etsy shop and like her Facebook page.

I received one or more of the products reviewed in this posting for free of charge in exchange for a review but as always all opinions and information is solely my own.

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