Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tummy Trouble

The dreaded stomach flu has hit the boys. After a fun Saturday... don't you hate how this stuff always pops up to ruin a weekend... we had a crazy night. Nolan was up all night and Carter started in the morning. It's a PJ's kind of day and lots of rest.

Nolan requested his "feel better juice" which is pedialyte or sometimes I do an ounce of juice mixed with water when he isn't actually sick and just wants it. We stuck to the BRAT diet and applesauce in one of our refillable pouches was his first request. When he asked for food this afternoon, I asked him if he wanted banana or toast. Nolan picked toast despite not really knowing what it was. I handed him a piece of GF bread and he says "Cool. Toast is half a sandwich." Recently there were even discussion on white blood cells, thanks Magic School bus! I'm sure tomorrow will bring lots of fun and lots of bleach but for now I have laundry to fold and beds to make. Get healthy boys!!

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