Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Farm Fun

The boys and I went with our awesome moms group to a local farm for a tour and hay ride. I took Nolan here when he was 2 but we haven't been since. Jacksonville Carriage Company is always such a blast.

Here is Nolan today and almost 2.5yrs ago. He's pretty good at model pouty poses!!

Carter was scared the moment he got out of the car. A calf moo'd at him and it went downhill from there. I managed one picture without him being worn in my arms but that was it.

Brotherly Love!!

After we explored the petting farm area we all loaded up and drove around the farm on a huge hayride. This isn't some short jog but a nice and long trip around the farm. It culminates with a cow and horse feeding frenzy. Words just don't do justice to the giant cow heads... and tongues.. that invade your space and for a piece of bread. My kids were cautious but most others were giggling and in hysterics. 

Here are some more shots from the day!!

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