Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Fun

Leading up to Easter for the boys, lots of the fun can be had simply playing with eggs!! Last year Nolan painted (liquid watercolors) wooden eggs in a simple egg spinner. When I grabbed his basket from the attic to monogram earlier this week, he saw the wooden eggs again and has been playing with them ever since. Last night I stayed up late and hard boiled 3 dozen eggs so we could have lots of fun the rest of the week. (Walgreens has them on sale $.99/doz)

Here are some pics of our fun so far!!
Starting out with his volcano eggs (food coloring and baking soda painted on)

dropping on the vinegar to get the volcano effect

Carter eating paint painting his egg

Shaving cream eggs and their after mess

Drying before we wipe the shaving cream off

Upset little boy with colored hands for half the day

Sampling one of his eggs for lunch (only food safe items were used on this)

Not real thrilled with hard boiled eggs

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