Friday, December 12, 2014

Frozen Lullabies

Frozen is an insane hit with everyone and their mother it seems!! How perfect that Baby Rockstar has released lullaby renditions of all the awesome songs. We got the CD to try out so my bops put it to the test. I can't wait for Oliver to hear it too!!

The Lullaby Rendition of Frozen is a hit in our house. The melodies have light instruments and bells throughout and bring a very dreamlike mood to any room.

Wondering if your favorite track is included? Here is the list:

  • Frozen Heart
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  • For the First Time in Forever
  • Love Is an Open Door
  • Let It Go
  • Reindeers Are Better Than People
  • In Summer
  • For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
  • Fixer Upper
  • Vuelie
  • Heimr Arnadalr

Be sure to check out this CD if you're a Disney fan with little ones!

All opinions are my own. I received this CD in order to facilitate my review. 

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