Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Music

Nolan has his own radio/clock/mp3 player in his room so he can have nighttime music or fun playtime music. I decided this weekend to organize the songs into different playlists on his Ipod so it would stop playing lullabies when he was playing! We made a classical song playlist full of Baby Mozart songs and his nighttime playlist remained pretty intact with the "Under the Green Corn Moon" CD.

That CD is from the library is of melodic Native American lullabies. I play it during all of his naps and recently started using it at night very low. It seems to be helping him wake less and calming him when he wakes alone. It's very peaceful!

The newest playlist created was for his play time songs. I decided to keep it full of only lively kids songs with words and fun beats. This morning while while we were in his bedroom folding laundry I played the new playlist for him. All of a sudden, I realized there was a pretty strange song on. I heard the following lyrics:

Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap, oh I wish I were a little bar of soap for I’d slippy and I’d slidey over everybody’s hiney, oh I wish I were a little bar of soap.
Oh I wish I were a little mosquito, oh I wish I were a little mosquito for I’d nippy and I’d bitey under everybody’s nightey, oh I wish I were a little mosquito.

Who would have thought I'd have to censor a ten month old's songs!

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