Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great finds

This was definitely a week of great deals for Nolan!! I bought his birthday present (yep a whole month early) because Toys R Us had awesome coupons on just the item I wanted. It'll be a surprise to everyone reading this until his birthday or until I breakdown and start using his gift early...probably the latter!

Besides that find, I went to our favorite thrift store and got the Busy Gears I blogged about earlier and a Melissa and Doug wooden farm puzzle. For just a simple puzzle, those things are crazy expensive new but we only paid $1! 

This morning was a bi-annual consignment sale for baby items. Nol and I headed over there and braved the crowds. I couldn't bring myself to scour the racks upon racks of clothing because they usually seem over priced and I can buy new at Carter's outlet with coupons for the same price! We did, however, find a few toys! Those are the fun things anyways, right?

For a whole $4 we got three wooden cars! These are great and are made in Finland (not China for once!). They roll easily over the carpet in the playroom!

The blocks on the smaller vehicle come off and are perfect for a teething boy!

Our final great deal of the week was a table top bead maze. Nolan plays with one of these at the library and has enjoyed having his very own so far. I sat him in his high chair and it was perfect entertainment. This was a whooping $3 and is brand new looking!

Well, now I need to get off the computer and go straighten up all those toys lying the floor!!

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