Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doggy Fun

I'm working on giving Nolan free time out in the main part of the house. We've been super cautious up until now because of all the hazards - biting bird, hardwood and ceramic tile floors, dog hair regardless of how often I sweep, and the 3 beasts themselves. He loves it though and now that he can walk and is a speed demon at crawling he is a little less helpless. Here are a few pics of his fun today.
Kahn did great even though Nolan stole his favorite toy (and in case you're wondering I had just washed it).

Kaya isn't too sure what to think when Nol decides to scream and crawl at high speed towards her.

Lainey stayed conveniently out of reach on the couch!

...and yep as you see in the pics I moved his playgym out here out of his play area and out of commission for a little while to give myself a few minutes without having to grab him off the top or fear he was gonna fall and crack his head.

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