Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, he had a very healthy first year but picked a doozey of a date to get sick for the first time. Literally, the night before his 1st birthday party!! For something quite common, Croup sure is scary!! Nolan sounds like a barking seal who can't breathe. Most of the day he is okay, active, and happy. He might cough once or twice but for the most part until he "talks" you can't tell anything is wrong. When he nurses, he gets winded a bit easily.

Night is a whole different story. He turns into a very sick baby who can barely breathe. He wheezes with each breathe and continually does the seal bark sound. I spent most of last night holding him and trying to get him to sleep. The Doc says it is basically a viral cold and we just have to wait it out. We have a cool mist humidifier going and tried breathing some from the fridge/freezer too. I hope tonight goes better.

Tomorrow morning at ~6am it will be one year since my water broke and Nolan started his giant descent into the world! I can't believe I have a one year old!!!  Where has my tiny baby gone?

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  1. Croup can be scary! Abby had it last year about this same time of year, but we're pretty sure hers was in combo with h1n1. Hers was bad enough we had to put her on a steroid. No fun and very scary!

    And, I know Lissy told you, but as far as first birthdays go, I can relate! Abby made everyone very sick on her first birthday! Matt and I were the only ones who didn't get really sick. Matt's parents ended up extending their stay in Indiana because they were too sick to drive home. Can you believe it!?! She didn't even get to have her cupcake until about a week after her birthday. Oh well, she (and he) won't even remember. :)