Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even cuter bums!

So if you've been reading this blog at all or know me, you've certainly heard that we cloth diaper Nolan. I made the decision very early in my pregnancy and stuck with it. I've never bought a disposable diaperand love to have the opportunity to talk to any and all moms and expecting moms about cloth! In the beginning. I spent hours scouring websites trying to figure out why there were so many types and which would work best for me. A lot of it comes down to pure preference but... there are some tried and tested favorites out there! I go into detail on the different types of cloth diapers, benefits in general, and even how best to put on the old fashioned kind in archived posts if you're interested.

Today is my "bare bones if you only have five minutes to decide which type of cloth diaper to use recommendation" post. The BumGenius brand makes great staple diapers that will last, holds in messes well, are affordable, easily available, and today got even more adorable!! If you find out it's not your favorite later on the resale value is also high. I prefer the 4.0 pocket one-size diapers and the Flip (even more economical) line.

Today BumGenius released information on their new designer line which features prints versus solid color diapers!! The prints are available in the new 4.0 version which has velcro or snaps, you pick.

They are available for pre-order now and will be shipping in mid-November. Maybe a birthday treat for myself is in order!!

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