Friday, October 15, 2010

On Babywise

I've had this blog written for a few weeks but held off publishing because it always seems to be controversial. Well again today I saw this book being touted as the bible for new moms so I couldn't hold off anymore!!

Every mother chooses to raise her baby differently but there is one catch phrase that makes me cringe every time I hear it. If you are an new mom, or old mom, and getting advice to check out Babywise to magically solve all your parenting issues...RUN!

The Babywise book, a secular version of the growing Kids God's Way series, is written by a pastor and co-authored by a pediatrician. Marketed as supported by the medical community, unsuspecting parents often believe they are doing what is best for their baby by following the information within.

Now I know my own philosophies won't be followed by all or even accepted by all but this specific book and baby training initiative has actually been deemed harmful by the AAP and goes against recommendations made by AAP, La Leche League, WHO, and other reputable organizations. It also goes against a mother's natural instinct. If my baby is crying, I comfort them. If my baby is hungry, I feed them. Biologically speaking it does not promote healthy lactation and does not account for differing bodies and milk production in mothers.

Basically Babywise promotes placing babies as young as newborns on a strict schedule for feeding, sleeping, and awake time. The "Parent Directed Feeding" is said to lead to babies sleeping through the night at 3-8 weeks and simplicity for parents. Concepts such as "infant management" and allowing a newborn to cry because it "should" be sleeping and isn't time to eat are barbaric. Even proponents of the "Cry-it-out" Ferber method of getting a baby to sleep do not recommend beginning sleep training until 3-4 months of age.

If you choose to purchase this book, please do so knowing that it has been linked to failure to thrive in infants and breastmilk supply issues in mothers. As with anything, you should do your own research!

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American Association of Pediatrics -

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