Thursday, October 21, 2010


October is probably my favorite month of the year. The Holidays are coming, the weather has finally cooled off...well not so much here in Florida, and it's BIRTHDAY month. Not only my very own birthday but now my darling little boy's. While it is something to look forward to, as a mom it's also sad as the passing of time seems way too quick. Here are just a few of our celebrations I have to look forward to this month.

October 6 - My birthday!!
October 8 - My second birthday. When we were in our early years together, Tim wrongly stated that my birthday was the 8th numerous times. I now joke that it's my second birthday and I need two gifts from him!
October 23 - Nolan's birthday bash
October 25 - Nolan's bithday! (The big Numero Uno) and the day on which I will have been successfully breastfeeding for one whole year.
October 27 - Tim and I will have been together for 10... yep TEN... years! A few days later on Nov. 4th we celebrate the official anniversary while toasting to our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

It's a busy month and almost over!

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