Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knitting for kNolan

I've wanted to learn to knit ever since I was pregnant and looking at all the great baby items that can be made. Everyone knows about booties but as a cloth diaper user longies (or check out these) were one thing I really wanted. They are just to darn expensive to buy though!

I got a few "teach yourself to knit" kits and could manage to make an inch wide foot long string before some issue cropped up or it became to tedious with Nolan wanting to help. This past week I was at JoAnns wishing their PUL fabric was correctly laminated so I could make Nolan an awesome monkey diaper when I spotted the knitting kits again. I knew I couldn't just buy another one and hope it'd work out. Then I saw the Kniffty Knitter products and became intrigued.

For those of you not in tune with every JoAnns product, the Kniffty Knitter items are looms on which you can knit basic items. They come in circular, perfect for hats, and long looms, great for blankets and scarves. The JoAnns employee assured me they were easy and it was completely possible to teach yourself while juggling a running 1yr old.

I bought my first loom in the size which would make Nolan ridiculously cute hats. That same day during his nap I made this!!

My second hat attempt was just as successful.
I've since bought a few more looms and have been reading everything I can on them. Besides the basic stitch used in these two projects, you can do a regular purl stitch and many others. The looms have much more functionality than their simple instruction booklet lets on. The main downside is that you cannot control the distance between the stitches because the pegs on the loom are permanently installed. This means it works best with thicker yarns or doubling up on thinner yarns. Projects three and four are already on the looms being worked! Now I just have to find a pattern for longies that can be done on a loom!!

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  1. Very cute Miranda now he is almost ready to come north for a visit, hint hint!