Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purple Potatoes!!

So I'm kind of gullible when it comes to "new" foods. I was one of the 6 people in America who bought the grapple. Yep, they were apples that tasted like grapes. Just the other day I say a pear that tasted like an apple or vice versa can't remember. Tim gave me the look and we left the store without them. Afterall, I can just buy a pear if I want one! I usually end up disappointed in whatever new and fun food I try to buy anyways.

So when I was shopping at our local health food store and saw organic purple potatoes I just had to get them!!
Here is a shot of the potatoes half peeled. You can see both the skin and flesh are indeed a dark purple!

I cooked them this week as part of a beef stew. It was fun and a bit weird as without the carrots the whole dish would have been one color. As it was, it still kinda looked like dog food! I'm hoping to be able to use fun little meals like this if Nolan ever decides to be a picky eater! Here is a shot of the stew cooking before the meat was browned.
The stew turned out great and both Nolan and I enjoyed it!!

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