Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler funnies

This morning Nolan was having music time with me. I grabbed his tambourine and was trying to get him to say the word tambourine. Nol says mainly one syllable words so I switched and said "Bells. Say bells Nolan." He grabbed his shirt, lifted it, and started rubbing his belly. I laughed as I said "That's your bell-y. This is a bell."

We are also doing potty sitting. I don't force the issue but am just getting him used to the seat. He stopped and it was obvious he was filling his diaper. Hoping to catch him actually going on the potty I asked if he wanted to sit on his potty. He took off running to the bathroom. I removed his already full diaper and sat him up there hoping he still had to go some. His diaper was sitting on the floor waiting for him to be off the toilet so I could rinse it out. Remember Nolan is in cloth so it's a bit different. While sitting on the potty, he started pointing towards his diaper and growling. Nol usually does this for any animal he sees but doesn't know the noise for or other things he thinks should growl. Apparently, his poo is a monster that growls!

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