Saturday, July 30, 2011

Water Fun!

Yesterday was a day of fun and water for Nolan and I. We spent the morning at a splash park near the beach. Then after lunch we headed to the backyard to try out our new (2.98 on clearance) sprinkler.

While playing, Nolan got one of his water table toys and decided to start filling it from the sprinkler. Then he would walk around the yard and dump it in various spots. A favorite was the back window of his cozy coupe car. I decided to turn that play into work and pointed out my tomato plants to him. He watered the first for a while then I asked him to water the other plants and he understood and continued to do so!!

His hard work was followed by a relaxing kefir popsicle. Kefir is a yogurt like drink which has more calories than plain juice so it's perfect for healthy popsicles for my tiny guy.

Chilling in his Adirondack chair!

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