Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Puff Paint Fun

Today's fun after nap project was painting with puffy paint. I got the idea from here, a new favorite blog! the paint was very easy to make but I had no food coloring on hand. Instead, I used a few drops of finger paint to color the yellow and blue mixtures and then jello and koolaid for the other colors. Nolan is just starting to enjoy such activities so this was perfect timing.

I wasn't sure how messy he'd be or if he'd try to eat the paint. Turns out he wasn't too messy but....

...you can see the red on his face where he tried to taste the paint. Of course it is all non-toxic and fine if swallowed. I'm guessing the addition of jello as a coloring agent even made it tasty.

After a quick pop in the microwave, above is the finished product!

Afternoon snack was also an experiment. I made Kale chips baked with lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. They were interesting but not quite right. I might try them again and layer them thinner on the pan before baking and cook a bit higher so they are crispy! Interested in trying them for your little one? Look here!

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