Friday, August 12, 2011


A few months back I bought Nolan a balance bike. I scoured the internet and eventually saw one on a deal a day site. I ended up saving over 20 dollars on a nice metal one that will grow with him. If you haven't seen a toddler on one of these bikes before definitely search YouTube. It's amazing how great they can ride on them at such a young age.
Unfortunately my tiny man is nowhere near tall enough to ride on it yet. They say most 2 year olds can use the bike but I'm pretty sure he'll need a while longer. I did find a second brand of bike that actually is small enough for him to use now (and will grow taller as he does) so I'm considering selling this one and going for the tinier one. Nolan was quite upset when we built the bike and it was too tall. He holds it up himself and tries to climb on but since he can't straddle it he topples. In fact, every time he see it he cries to ride it and I have to put him on it and walk around holding it upright. Poor baby! So if you know anyone who wants a balance bike let me know! It'd make my decision to purchase Nol the tinier one even easier.

Thursday we went to a fun park playdate with a bike theme. Nolan brought his roadside found push motorcycle. It's tiny enough that his legs can easily motor it all around. He ended up riding more than he ever has before and tired himself out. After a sleepless night the night before, this was greeting me when we arrived home from the park.

He's so adorable when he sleeps!

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  1. Hey....this is a pretty old post, but we have a kinderbike mini that would surely work for Nolan. Quinn got it on his 2nd birthday and I've already had to raise the seat (he's on the tall side).