Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indoor water fun

Today we did our afternoon play indoors. Even so, it still involved water. Our first fun was with water beads. These are some sort of polymer that is the same substance out of which contact lenses are made. They are sold for vase decoration and in the home and garden section of most retailers. They come in various colors but we only found clear ones at our local dollar store.

Once Nolan woke from his nap, I showed him the fun he was about to have. He put his hand in the container and asked "Eat?"

I only had to tell him a few times that the beads were for playing not eating. None ended up in the mouth even though they are non toxic and safe. Nolan started off exploring with his fingers, then he got brave and threw a few out of the box. I had him help me pick those up and we worked on keeping the mess contained. Here you can see him happy with himself for getting a bead that fell out and putting it back.

Eventually he got brave and started putting his feet, one at a time, in the container. This ended with him holding my hands and jumping up and down on the squishy beads. After cleaning up we moved on to more water fun. Next up was water colors.

Nolan loved the idea of putting his brush first into the water, then into the paint, and lastly on the paper. Sometimes he got the order a little mixed up but overall you could see the concentration and effort he put in to his painting. When did my baby get so big!?!?!

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