Sunday, August 21, 2011

Artsy Gift

Today Nolan had a friend's second birthday party to attend. I always feel like, while pretty, gift wrap, gift bags, and even cards are really wasteful. Even when it's my special day I don't want friends and family spending lots of money on the packaging especially if it's not reusable.

I've seen fun wrapping ideas on Pinterest recently that involved using scrap fabrics. I wasn't quite prepared enough to fashion gift wrap from the fabric I have on hand but I came up with another idea. Nolan could decorate the wrapping paper. We have a large roll of white paper that he uses to paint and color on. How fun and one of a kind would it be if Nolan painted his friend's wrapping paper?

I also decided to have him paint the gift tag. This we did a little different. We used our favorite puffy paint recipe and painted the back of the gift tag. The front of the gift tag was then clean and legible still.

Here was out gift on the way to delivery. Tim saw it before we left and not knowing what we had done was quite amazed with how it looked and the specialness of the handmade wrapping!

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