Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Meal Plan!!

Here is our menu for the week. Have a question on a specific meal, just ask. I like to use recipes for ideas but I usually don't look at them again and shop and cook with my own tweaks. Any links below are a great place to start for inspiration.


   Asian chicken salad served over rice noodles

   Turkey (hidden veggie) Sloppy Joes with sweet potato fries and salad

   Asian style fish and stir fry rice

   Chicken Fajitas with refried beans and homemade tortillas

Mexican spaghetti is taco spiced ground beef served over tomato spaghetti noodles and topped with sriracha sour cream, fresh red onions, tomatoes, fresh corn, black beans cilantro, and salsa! For our asian inspired fish, I'll be baking the fish with a teriyaki glaze in bok choy. The homemade fried rice is brown rice, carrot slices, cabbage slices (or bok choy leftovers) and seasoning. Our asian chicken salad is sweet thai chile flavored with a peanut glaze. Yummy!!

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