Monday, August 10, 2015

Bitybean Baby Carrier Review

I was lucky enough to receive a Bitybean carrier to review and share with the local babywearing community. It's a soft structured carrier designed for little ones between 8# (and 3 months old) and 40#. Besides being affordable (MSRP $59.95) it's portable and compact too. The carrier that comes with a small carrying bag that it rolls up into. It can literally be stuffed in your diaper bag so it's always available. Ask me how awesome that can be!

We went to the Ohio State Fair last week and I was rushing to get inside. I never forget a baby carrier but after we walked the whole giant parking lot and were inside I realized I hadn't grabbed a carrier. Lo and behold a few minutes later I remembered that inside the diaper bag in the stroller was the Bitybean. Score 1 for it's awesome packability!!

The Bitybean has a separately available detachable hood for those times when your kiddo falls asleep while being carried. While hand washing and spot cleaning are recommended it can be machine cleaned in cold when required. Bitybean can also be used near an in shallow water. That makes it amazing for summer use at the beach or splash pad. I'm sure you're realizing it must be quite lightweight if it can be packed so compact. The carrier is made of nylon and polyester fabric. The straps are not padded but are wide and soft so they almost have a wrap like feel. It doesn't get diggy on me during normal use periods. Most important Bitybean is compliant with current US regulations and a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. These are important to me and something I check before reviewing and recommending any baby wearing item!!

It's stylish and available in fun vibrant colors too!
So now that we have the technical details out of the way let's talk about fit and function. I have mainly used the Bitybean with Oliver in the Summer of 2015. He's 5-7mo old and like all the boys in the house a sweaty hot mess in the summer. After being overwhelmed by the sounds and sights of the Fair last week, in the arm holding was just not cutting it. I quickly popped on the Bitybean and up he went. A few moments later, he was content and calm snuggled next to mom. It was asphalt everywhere and quite warm so I wasn't super thrilled about constant babywearing that day but with the lightness and airflow the Bitybean offers, it was bearable.

Getting a proper M-seat with knee to knee coverage has been great in the Bitybean. Oliver is stil young so at this time we worry about hyperextending his seat and the carrier base being too wide. The Bitybean is soft enough to fold in and get him in proper position. On Carter (3years) in the same carrier that piece that tends to fold in automatically extends and support his leg much wider. For smaller babies under 15 pounds there is an inside seat with small buckle fasteners that ensure they cannot fall to the sides.

You can see the excess seat area support that simply naturally folds in for smaller children. 

I also love the softness of the neck/headrest area. It's an almost neoprene like fabric that provides support but has a little give.

If you're in the area and would like to see the Bitybean in person, just let me know! I'll have it out and about at any baby wearing events I attend and then again for personal use in between!!

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