Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big boy beds!!

This weekend we scored a great deal on a matching IKEA bed for Carter (Thanks friend!!). We went ahead and set it up in his room so we had some place to store the mattress. I'm not yet brave enough to be switching him to a bed from his crib. In the process the mast from his pirate ship decor got broken. Instead of fixing it, I decided to go ahead and start in slowly on his big boy room decor. I'm thinking maybe rocket ships but need to start pinning things!!

This also helped us make the leap and finally flip Nolan's bed over. The bed we have can be on the ground or lofted. It's a pretty safe and low loft but we hadn't yet done it for N. He's a good sleeper and hasn't fallen out of his bed to date but it's still a scary step!! Luckily once this bed is lofted the mattress and child sleep in a sort of box. Nolan is LOVING it and a plus side is he now has more play room in his bed room.

Baby brother hasn't yet figured out the ladder... luckily.

His cheese face!

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