Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Messy boy... and mom!

Everyone knows little boys are messy but apparently so are their moms!! We were supposed to go hiking with friends today so I grabbed a pair of my old work hiking boots and we hurried out the door to Nolan's speech session. After I got there, I noticed that the side of the sole on my boot was really cracked. I chased Carter around the reception area of the school while Nolan was back in therapy and realized I had been leaving a trail of black rubber particles everywhere! I tried to hide it and stop walking around but what can you do when you're chasing a 17mo old? The entire sole of one of the boot feel off and disintegrated into pieces as I was wearing it!! So embarrassing and I hope on one noticed. Lesson of the day: when you don't wear something for four years it starts to disintegrate!

Then we headed straight to the conservation area and on the way storm clouds rolled in. We ended up letting the kids play in the parking area and watched as lightning was striking in the distance. No hiking for us as just a few minutes later it started pouring rain. We hurried home and somehow even though he had only been playing for about 3 minutes Nolan was covered in mud. He said, "mom I look like a monster penguin with lots of black dots!"

Let's hope tomorrow is less messy!

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