Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Smart for Life

Do you remember my post highlighting the HUGE giveaway Smart for Life is doing? Be sure to check it out and enter. As promised, here is my review!

Smart for Life is headquartered in Boca Raton and has in person weight loss centers in addition to their online available diet products. At their centers, clients can have one-on-one supervision from a Doctor.  These include a line of cookie diet products designed to curb a sweet tooth craving for those trying to watch what they eat. They recommend their cookies for breakfast, lunch and snacks and then a sensible regular dinner. The benefits of this are that it slowly trains a person to eat small frequent meals. They also encourage healthy traits like increasing water intake and light exercise.

Smart for Life sent me a few of their items to sample.  I used the tasty treats as snacks and did not attempt to diet with them.

Now for the fun part... how did they taste? The cookies were definitely filling. They were tastier than other protein bars I've had and contain no additives or preservatives and are high in protein. One of my favorite things about Smart for Life is their new gluten free line. You can see Nolan above trying to pick out which snack we should sample next. All three of those products were gluten free!! He was thrilled that he could try them too!

If you've been thinking of trying to loose a few pounds and want an in home solution check out the Smart for Life program!

To find out more about Smart for Life check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their site.

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