Thursday, October 9, 2014

Carseats for the Boys!!

I was lucky enough to win baby Oliver a new ClickTight Britax Advocate. The ClickTight system lets you move the bulk of the seat out of the way while you get a tight connection every time. It's made in the USA and fits rear facing babies from 5-40 lbs. You can then flip the seat forward facing and use until 60# and/or 49". Considering that my almost 5 year old weighs 35# and is just now 41" this seat has an amazing rear facing capacity for us!! It hasn't arrived yet nor has he luckily but soon we'll have lots of pictures! Until then, here are the boys a few months ago in the Diono RadianRXT and Britax Advocate CS. Our Britax Advocate CS is about to expire (yes all seats expire so check the bottom of yours!!!) so Carter needed a new seat too... keep reading for that info.

Why all the fuss about rear facing? Simply put it's safer by orders of magnitude. You can I as grown mature boned adults would be safer rear facing so think how much better it is for those immature skeletons and oversized heads. If you need visuals this is a great video to check out!!

I know you're wondering about their legs and being uncomfortable but think about it. A leg injury would be much more welcome than a neck injury and studies actually show more leg injuries from forward facing than rear facing. I know as moms we are always posting picture of the crazy way our babies, toddlers, and preschool sleep and play. They tie themselves up in knots on a daily basis. I can honestly say Nolan has never complained about his legs being squished rear facing. If he does crazy stuff like this on a daily basis it's no wonder!!

Nolan will likely be moving to forward facing shortly after his fifth birthday in a few weeks. Mainly it's so that we'll have his current seat in the car for the new arrival. Having him in the rear of the minivan rear facing would be much more confining, difficult to get fastened each time and pretty lonely. Since he's five it's much less of a downgrade in safety now so it seems like the perfect time for us. He's not to thrilled and wants to stay on his current captain's seat in the van and rear facing. We've been talking about it and how big of a boy he's become but it's taking some time!!

Carter got his new big boy seat today. We ordered him a Diono Rainier which is similar to Nolan'ts Diono RadianRXT. The Rainier is a newer seat with high rear facing capabilities and a slim profile. Their angle adjuster helps get a more upright install for the older kiddos rear facing. It rear faces 5-50# and has a very low profile making it great for toddlers and beyond. He rode in it for the first time today and was excited about his new carseat. Tomorrow we'll grab some pictures!!

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