Thursday, November 6, 2014

Austin Lloyd Monthly Fun!!

I love the idea of monthly subscriptions as gifts. Magazines, activity boxes, and the like all keep giving and spread out the joy of a birthday or holiday too. I've tried out a few subscription services for things as varied as beer of the month to snack boxes. In October the boys got their turn.

We were selected to sample an Austin Lloyd engaging surprises for young minds box in order for a truthful review. Our box was aimed towards Carter's age, 2 years old. Austin Lloyd has boxes geared appropriately from birth through 3 years old. I like that they do not ;ump all small children in one category and actually take into account their exact age milestones. You can check out their play levels here.  Austin Lloyd offers gift subscriptions too and allows you to choose monthly delivery or every other month. They are very open and excited about boxes they offer so pictures of past offerings are available on their website. It's all very transparent which I loved. Also the retail value will always be higher than the subscription cost which is great.

Everything form the box it arrives in to the accompanying information is well thought out and themes. Our theme was the circus. It made it easy to use these activities, books, and toys to also include at home crafts and learning. Our box was addressed straight tot Carter which was a nice touch too.

Info cards and activity sheets!

So what is in a box? Unique high end toys not easily available at major retailers. No battery operated toys and nothing with BPA or phthalates. They include toys that are engaging and help children with imaginary and creative play and which build fine motor skills and really get them thinking.

We were thrilled to see our Hape circus screwballs. We received a two pack of circus themed characters which went with the whole box theme. The circus conductor and circus clown. Each piece individually can be unscrewed and stacked in different combinations. You can build the people in different patterns. Nolan was obviously advanced for the box but of course had to get in on the action. He quickly showed brother the fun he could have with undoing and rebuilding the figures.

We also received an adorable wooden circus train that works with standard wooden tracks and had cute removable circus animals. The pieces are easily interchangeable and this was a huge hit with Carter who is obsessed with trains!

For fine motor skills, the neat lacing activity set was perfect. It definitely required mom's help but in the end we made a lion and practiced our weaving. Our heavy duty board book was a hit and a title I surprisingly didn't already own! 

I would definitely suggest adding a Austin Lloyd subscription to you wish list if you're looking for boutique high end engaging fun for your young child. It's perfect to suggest to grandparents too!

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