Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Children's Probiotics - Zahler's Kidophilus

We've tried powdered probiotics for the children in the past but usually stop using them after a few weeks form the hassle. Getting the powder into a food they will eat or into liquid they will take becomes a chore. I received a bottle of Zahler's Kidophilus to review and loved the fact that it was a liquid!! The kids both take it easily with no complaints.

Kidophilus contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which is one of the healthy bacteria of the gut. Its benefits include recolonization of the intestines and immune function improvement. Our pediatrician has recommended probiotics since the time they were little to help reduce incidences of year diaper rashes and constipation. 

So far we've had no issues and I feel good knowing I'll stick with giving the supplement because it's was to do and no one is complaining about taste. I'm excited for the health benefits a healthy gut can bring. Kidophilus is available on Amazon and can even ship with fee Prime shipping. 

I received this product in order to review. No compensation was taken and all opinions are my own!

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