Sunday, September 13, 2015

More fun with SaddleBaby

For the last few weeks, I've taken our SaddleBaby Original and SaddleBaby pack on many adventures. Today's fun photo shoot was one of the best. I joked when we got the SaddleBaby that I could now triple carry. Nolan is always talking about how to make a triple stroller and asking why I can't push or carry all of the kids so we all got a kick out of trying. It was pretty successful and remarkably not too uncomfortable or impossible!!

Ollie went on front in the BityBean, Nolan in our Kinderpack, and Carter up top in the SaddleBaby Original. All kids are within the weight/size limit for the carrier they are in and all carriers were properly fastened and secured. Hubby was a few feet away should any issues arise and everything was done safely and with the kids in mind. They all thought it was hysterical including the baby!

Back to the SaddleBaby original now though. The original sits right across the chest so it can be an issue for women to get a great fit. It feels almost like a life jacket would but with the adjustment of the belt it's possible to accommodate quite a few sizes.

It's so light weight and doesn't add a lot of bulk or weight which makes it great for summer wearing in the heat. Carter loved being up high and felt secure. He finally found the natural handle, the saddle itself, which helps him with his own balance. Hubby thought it was fun too, which is why so many of the pictures turned out a bit goofy as they ran and played together.

Besides the entire carriers, SaddleBaby offers replacement saddles should the need ever arise. You can purchase the pack or original on their website here. As with any carrier read all instructions thoroughly first. SaddleBaby offer a YouTube video with usage instructions that's viewable here.

I received this carrier in order to review and share it with friends! If you'd like to check it out in person just message me! No compensation was taken and all opinions are my own. You can see my review of the SaddleBaby pack here.


  1. Hi! I know this is an old(er) post but thought I might ask anyway.
    I'm having a hard time deciding which babysaddle I should go for. Read both of your reviews and, while these were very decent reviews, they didn't help me to choose :-)
    Do you think it would be do-able to use the Babysaddle Original in conjunction with a backpack? It's hard to see in the pictures if the straps wouldn't get in the way.
    I know they have the Babysaddle Uni out now, which combines with any backpack, but I prefer the option of the Original where I would be able to use it "stand-alone".

    1. You know I do feel like you could wear most backpacks with the Original. It straps around your chest and then the saddle clips easily on top and you should be able to fasten your book bag too. Only issue might be if the backpack straps were uncomfortable with the saddle weight on them.

      The company that makes these is also really responsive. I'd try emailing them and let them know you're worried it might not work with your favorite pack. Maybe they'd let you try the Original and if it didn't work swap it out for a different one.