Monday, September 28, 2015

Mealplan Monday

Another week another meal plan!! This week I start off with smoked chicken leftovers from a fun cookout this weekend. I'll be turning that into Brunswick stew along with some leftover bratwurst and corn on the cob. Check the links for any inspiration recipes I may be using.

Pretzel buns I made last week!! These were amazing as buns for our smoked chicken sandwiches!

  Brunswick Stew
    -This is a fun dish I make to my liking now no real recipe we follow. The broth is a mix of canned tomatoes (diced and include juice), BBQ sauce (homemade or bottle), and a bit of vinegar (ACV even) for tanginess. Mine usually includes potatoes, smoked meats, corn, lima beans, and carrots/celery/peppers as we happen to have them on hand.

   Bourbon chicken over brown rice with roasted broccoli
   Baked marinara pasta with ground beef
    - this week I'm not doing spaghetti but another random pasta shape. Wednesday is our fast nigt as Nolan eats before soccer!

     Salisbury style meatballs over mashed potatoes with carrots
   - I've made these before with a little of my own twist to the recipe but they are amazing and everyone asks for more. All kids ate and hubby too no complaints!!

     This is our easy peasey night as hubby won't be eating with us. I might even do frozen pizza... gasp!!

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