Thursday, July 23, 2015

Babywearing: MOBY wrap

I'm starting my posts on specific baby wearing carriers with the MOBY wrap because that is where our baby wearing journey started almost 6 years ago! It's a wrap I still recommend to all new moms. The MOBY isn't a buckle carrier you quickly put baby into and snap on. It's in essence a long piece of fabric similar to t-shirt jersey material. Folded in half width wise you then "wrap" it around your body and insert baby. Unlike the more expensive and non-stretchy wraps, the carrier is usually put on before baby is inserted because it can stretch to accommodate baby being placed inside. Once wrapped baby is secure and has no way to fall to the ground for those worried.

A new MOBY wrap can easily be found at lots of mainstream stores. Target, BuyBuyBaby, Babies R Us, and more all carry it in some form. It retails from $40-$60 depending on the designs and types you choose. If you visit a Once Upon a Child or check your local swipe swap site (or one of the plethora of baby wearing swap pages on Facebook), you can easily find one for $20 or less. A used MOBY should pose no harm and has no parts to worry about being damaged from use by others.

I purchased my first MOBY before Nolan was even born and practiced wrapping it while waiting for him to finish growing!! While it looks complicated, for most carries you use the same wrap technique. Luckily, it can be wrapped on you in the comfort of your home and worn out to the store or wherever before inserting baby. Until I was well versed in wrapping, this is just what I did.

How the wrap looks when secured on you without baby. From the MOBY website
Many times when Tim and I would first go out in public with newborn Nolan wrapped in the Moby, people around us wouldn't even notice the baby strapped to me. It was great for keeping stingers from touching in those early weeks. Babies usually fall right to sleep once comfortably wrapped on you too.

When Nolan was still a newborn I wore him in the MOBY to Walmart. As I was walking in the door an overzealous greeter came rushing my way yelling. I ignored her until I realized she was saying "You can't bring that in here," and was about to touch me. I quickly stopped her and flabbergasted said, "My baby? I can't bring my baby in here?" She looked a little shocked and hopefully felt bad for jumping to conclusions. he then said, "I thought it was a dog." I laugh about but have to wonder who wears their dog on them?

Newborn Oliver sleeping on mom during his second week of life. 
Oliver in the picture above has an open airway, was kissable, his face was unobstructed, and I had a direct view to check on him! Refer back to my safety post here and always read the instructions included with any purchased baby carrier!!

This isn't a sponsored post. I have a MOBY and enjoy it and want to share the baby wearing love!

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