Sunday, July 26, 2015

Omega Boost Jr.

I first looked into DHA/Omega 3's/Fish oil when we first moved to FL years ago. Our Indiana dogs didn't adjust so well to the climate and needed something to help their skin. We don't usually buy animal only products that cost 10-times more so I looked for quality human supplements for our pets. 

Since then, I've searched for a great supplement both for us adults in the family to help with healthy hearts and for the kiddos! I've sort of bounced around between brands while checking out what the Native Sun and Whole Foods aisles have. Recently I read about the importance of consuming adequate Omega 3's especially in young boys. Healthy fat consumption has also been shown to decrease behavior issues. 

I jumped at the chance to try a sampling of Nordic Naturals and have been surprised at the variety. I received a full size bottle of Omega Boost Jr. and a huge assortment of samples of their other various products. I was pleased to see they have a high quality pet soft gel too! For the littler ones who won't take a pill or swallow something that tastes fishy, they even make funny gummies. Whatever has kept you from repeatedly taking your Omega 3's Nordic Naturals have a solution. Carter at not yet 3 years old took their capsule version all on his own even. No more fishy taste and smell!!

To ensure their safety, Nordic Naturals uses third party testing to ensure the highest quality. Their purity surpasses the international pharmaceutical standards and testing results are even available online so you can verify what you're using yourself! I especially love that many of their products are made in a facility certified to be free of the common allergens. They're gluten free and contain no artificial dyes. 

Disclosure: I received this product in order to facilitate a review. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own!

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