Monday, July 27, 2015

Mealplan Monday

Need cooking inspiration?? Here it is. Again as always, I sub out ingredients and add more sometimes too. I strive to add extra vegetables and remove processed items but the recipes I link to have given me the inspiration for the meal.

     A spin on our normal stir fry! For this I used the noodles from 3 Ramen packages (only cost $0.60), fresh cabbage, fresh carrots, water chestnuts, fresh green beans, fresh onions, fresh broccoli, and our normal stir fry sauce with a random combination of soys sauce, homemade teriyaki, garlic, sriracha, and ginger. 

   beef crunchy tacos with black beans 

   salmon burgers with skinny chickpea salad 

   Spaghetti and homemade bread

   Copycat Pizza Uno Pizza with Pepperoni and Italian Sausage 


I also started Monday off right by making two loaves of our favorite bread (Buttermilk) and banana muffins for our playdate tomorrow!!

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