Friday, July 24, 2015

Baltic Amber

I've used amber necklaces for all three boys to help with teething pain. "Do they actually work?" is the first thing people ask when I tell them what it is. No, it's not for chewing on. The necklaces contain succinct acid, which is said to prove pain relief upon absorption into the body. As the wearer warms the necklace, it's supposed to work. They say the lighter the color and raw versus unpolished are most effective but those preferences people usually make on their personal fashion likes.

The first thing I answer to those asking about the effectiveness is, "well even if they don't work they are cute and there is always a chance they do help!" That being said I do think they help. With Nolan I removed it after a bath and forgot to put it back on and both Tim and I noticed his increased crankiness.

I recommend removing it for all bath and water play. I didn't with the first necklace I owned (not the item being reviewed below) and it started to mildew under the beads. It's also not recommended for children/infants to sleep with any necklace on. Nighttime is when you need it most though so I place it on an ankle under PJs. That isn't as effective since the necklace isn't close to the source of the pain but it's better than nothing.

I received the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace off Amazon to review. Since Oliver has his hands in his mouth constantly these days it was perfect timing.

The necklace fits Oliver, my tiny (<3 3="" 6="" a="" almost="" be="" but="" carter="" comparison="" could="" doesn="" fine.="" for="" he="" i="" in="" it="" length="" month="" not="" old="" on="" p="" pretty="" put="" s="" shorter="" since="" supervised="" t="" tad="" too.="" wear="" well.="" when="" yet="">

I like that by being available on Amazon with Prime shipping it's much more readily available to those who might not explore non-traditional remedies. Teething tablets and amber necklaces get us through those crazy times when baby is getting teeth. Oliver hasn't had one break through yet but I know it's close!!

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