Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dog Hair Help

We own two large dogs after the passing of our third, our German shepherd Kahn. This means a LOT of dog hair. I received the barkOutfitters deshedding tool the "Miracle Comb" to give it a whirl and review. Friday the package was sitting on the counter when Tim came home and a few minutes later he was on the porch brushing Lainey. He didn't realize it was a review item and just put it to use. I was able to get his unbiased opinion.

When I asked if he read the instructions he said he had not and that it was working fine. He started with the side with the combs spaced further apart and moved to the side with them closer once the other side seemed done. It was easy to use, worked great, and got the undercoat out easily. Lainey has been a bit confused since we moved late in the winter from FL to OH. Her coat is still somewhat a winter coat and she's trying to shed it now that 90 degree days are upon us. 

Last week I used our high velocity extractor (dog grooming dryer) on her and thought I had made a dent in the extra hair. I was wrong!! In just a matter of minutes look how much extra hair Tim was able to brush out with the Miracle Comb. 

 The Miracle Comb has a swivel head which is strange at first but in a matter of a few strokes becomes normal. It's easy to clean as the hair just wipes off and is simple to then collect and dispose of. It even comes with a five year warranty!!

You can get your own on Amazon and it even qualifies for Amazon Prime. All opinions herein are my own and no compensation was received. 

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